Keep away from me!

You won’t hear it out loud

Or one thing that I have said

As I stepped out from the crowd


I know who I am

So what, so much for that

I have worked on your behalf

While on your behinds you sat


I know what I am

So much depends on you

I also know about it

There is nothing I can do                                                            





                  Yeah, except say Ubuntu.

                           It means, I am because you are.

                  You wouldn’t understand, anyway.

                        We might as well be speaking

                    In a different language…



I’m not an ape, I am no monkey

Though I know how low I can feel

It is the way that others treat me

That makes those feelings feel so real 


To be a man like any other

You cannot tell me that I can’t

Husband or friend, could be your brother

If I’m your uncle where’s your aunt?


I am a man

That’s telling you!

A lowly man

You’d listen, too!


The reasons are

As if you knew

Because you are



I’m not a clown, I am no jester

Don’t jest, sing songs and serve your meal

Though bottled up, hatred can fester

Humour can keep things even keel


To laugh or cry, like anybody

Yet look at me, instead I rant

Treated as if you’re a nobody 

Made to feel like a dog, you’d pant


See what I am

I’m telling you!

Only a man

Worth listening to


You are because

Not that you knew

I am, or was



I’m no racoon, I’m not a critter

You won’t make me no wriggling eel

Things that bug me, don’t make me jitter

Scars on my back, though, might not heal


To wipe the dirt, hard to feel decent

Feels like a stain, I know that taint

But I keep faith, and though that’s recent

In the great scheme of things it ain’t


I am a man

Try telling you

Merely a man

You listen, too


The reasons are

Thought that you knew

Because you are



I am a slave, who could deny it

Don’t make it into a big deal

Get up and go? I can’t sit by, it

Is my shoulder put to the wheel


To tough it out, or fight my corner

I’ll guard myself, each time you taunt

Won’t kill my soul, make you a mourner

It’s my humanity I flaunt!


Know what I am

Here’s telling you

Barely a man

Try listening, too


It’s all because

Time that you knew

You are, I was!



I’ve said Ubuntu – 

Which means I am because you are!








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