The Tom’s Cabin Crew




The purpose of this site, is also to encourage anyone interested, to join in and help this project, to get off the ground. The theatre world refers to investors and backers of shows, as, angels, for in a precarious area, that is what they can seem. But the potential of commercial theatre is great, that which can have a social impact, can have a social enterprise dimension too, therefore, rewarding in many ways. For here is where the friends of “Tom’s Cabin- The Man of Humanity, a powerful musical drama,” can support, or sponsor and share in the opportunities for success with it. The story of those who did not believe in Cats, are legendary, and Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cameron Mackintosh are the ones who can laugh about them!


As this begins and moves through it’s development process, it shall need funding, small, medium or large. The producers are being sought, and the immediate and ongoing friends are sought after.


If you are interested in this project in any way, and would like to help to get it to the next stage, literally, which is off the page, and onto the stage, please get in touch. 

email: theartsandhumanity@mailcom