Do not make haste to hate

But slowly create hope

Thus defying the darkness

We find ourselves a friend


And there and then

Maybe we can make peace

Call it that of God in all of us

There in it’s light is love



Spread the love all the time

Spread the love let it shine

Spread the love every day

Spread the love find a way



If we can spread the love around

It grows like it’s on fertile ground

Then when the love just grows and grows

Where will it end? Well no one knows



Feel the love it will glow

Feel the love let it show

Feel the love everyone

Feel the love find someone



For when we feel a love like that

We feel like we know where it’s at

And that is where we want to be

Unlock the heart love holds the key



Spread the love when in doubt

Feel the love let it shout

Spread the love everywhere

Feel the love find it there



To have a friend to really need

So close like a true friend indeed

Long overdue to feel this love

About time too to spread the love





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