A street . Time : mid day in the mid nineteenth century…


Street Entertainer : [ bowing to some applause from passers by]


“..Thanks folks, thanks…”


Passer By : [ approaching much nearer to  the street entertainer] 


“..Say, you ought to be on the stage…”


Street Entertainer :


“Hey thanks…”


Passer By :


“…Yeah, there’s one leaving town in an hour, you ought to be on it ..!”

The creative process is both a lonely one, in it’s earlier stage of devising and writing, and a collaborative one, if in the performing arts, in it’s getting those efforts onto the actual stage. And that journey is an effort in itself, that kind of production does not happen immediately. You have to begin somewhere.

This site is going to be a way of sharing some of the development process, from first thought to first night and  beyond and ongoing. It shall give an indication of the highs or lows, of the sometimes madcap world, of what some call “showbiz,” too true of it at any level.

There shall be a sort of occasional diary of the development process.

And whereas a diary is a very personal thing, this one shall be a public one, so all are involved !

The postings can be updates of the process, of getting this project to become a production, moving it from the page to the stage! And as visitors to this site shall include those who come on board, and help it along, you might find yourself very favourably referred to in it too!

And whether being, or feeling, like the organ grinder or the organ grinder’s monkey, we must get this show on the road and the show must go on…!